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Driving Efficiencies and Growth with Loan Servicing Automation

Read Time 3 mins | Written by: Tom Myers

Concord partners with Skylight Lending

Concord's industry expertise, automated infrastructure, and scalable solutions helped Skylight overcome challenges associated with rapid growth and complex compliance requirements.

The Challenge

Skylight Lending experienced rapid growth alongside the booming U.S. residential solar market, stretching its resources thin.

  • They needed a loan servicing partner that could scale with their accelerated growth while maintaining high levels of compliance and customer service.

  • Skylight sought better automation and scalable infrastructure to reduce errors in loan servicing and eVaulting coordination

The Solution

Concord worked with Skylight to meet an aggressive six-week onboarding and implementation deadline.
  • Skylight selected Concord's solution because of its experience and strong reputation in the solar and home improvement industries.

  • With full-service offerings, Skylight chose Concord to service their entire portfolio.

The Results

Concord's deep industry expertise and proprietary compliance management system helped mitigate legal and compliance risks for Skylight.
  • Concord's automated, scalable infrastructure reduced the potential for errors and helped Skylight gain efficiencies and save time.
  • Partnering with Concord ensures consistent loan operations, even after Skylight sells their portfolios.

"For us, it comes down to the people, and we need to make sure we’re working with people that we trust."

Thomas Dungan
Skylight CEO

About Skylight Lending

Specializing in financing residential solar systems and home improvement projects, Skylight Lending works directly with banks to develop custom lending solutions for homeowners and installers via their secure proprietary software.

  • Industry: Solar and Home improvement financing
  • Employees: 1-10
  • Headquarters: New York NY




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