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CFO’s Playbook: Financial Management for Vacation Ownership Developers

Read Time 2 mins | Written by: Ericka Schwarm

One common concern among vacation ownership developers with using an outside loan servicer is the potential loss of control and information. However, with Concord, this fear is unfounded. In fact, our software empowers developers with a comprehensive understanding of their portfolio.
As one finance director at a vacation ownership company attests, “With the software our servicer (Concord) provides, we have a better handle on our portfolio. We run reports every day and can even create custom reports.”

Concord’s Business Intelligence Tool Set (BITS) software allows developers to look at historical and current trend analysis for an overall loan portfolio or drill down using specific data parameters. One vacation ownership developer uses this information to improve loan qualification metrics.

“BITS allows you to perform tremendous what-if analyses to test various strategies and their respective impacts,” the CFO says. “What we discovered is that even more important than FICO scores are the number of stays at our properties and how soon after buying they visit.” In response, the developer prioritized getting new members to visit a resort right away and also began looking more carefully at how often prospects take vacations during the qualification process. As a result, both strategies significantly improved the portfolio’s performance. “These results didn’t happen by accident; they came as a result of a very sophisticated analysis.”

Concord can work hand-in-glove with your in-house staff to maximize results when it comes to servicing members.

“Our staff works very closely with Concord,” says a president of a large vacation club. “We use their software platform, which has a lot of great information available to us, and we use that information to improve how we do business.”

For example, in response to reports from Concord’s customer service representatives that some members did not understand how payment plans were set up, the club changed buyers’ acknowledgments during closings.

Concord has the expertise to manage every aspect of your loan operations. As a leading loan servicer with more than 30 years of experience, we deliver compliant, flexible, and scalable solutions to meet your unique needs.

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Ericka Schwarm

Ericka is VP of Business Development at Concord. She has deep knowledge of vacation ownership loan servicing and long history in the financial services industry.